Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Higher Self

Unlock your higher self
Unlock your higher self, Photo: agsandrew/iStock/Thinkstock

There’s a pre-verbal space as we prepare to speak, before we call up facts to back us, a nanosecond where we assemble symbolic images, memories and intuitions! Then, and only then, do we call up and weave into our about-to-launch sentences facts and logic to support our beliefs.

The pre-verbal space is the place where intuitions happen, the place where your higher self is trying to speak to you in the only language it knows: symbolic images, memories and flashes of intuition, aka insight. This is where psychic information from within you is laid at your feet, the way a pet who loves you delivers a gift.

I have found this information to be some of the most valuable gifts life has given to me and those I read for. And what do most people do? Ignore it!.

You can access psychic information in that pre-verbal space. You can do it if you try. Step out of your own way, be still and listen to the quiet voice that knows. It requires the courage to accept the fact that sometimes what you get is going to go against your beliefs. Actually, that’s one of the strongest indications that you’re doing it right!

Read here about Monte Farber, the Hamptons’ number one psychic and astrologer.

Monte’s books and tools are available in his Enchanted World Emporium (8 Main Street) in East Hampton, 631-324-7695.

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