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East End Tech: Must-Have Apps for Hamptons Summer Fun

Summer is here and for most East Enders that means bikinis, beaches and barbecues. You want to get as much out of the season as you can, but where do you start? Thankfully, there are hundreds of apps and gadgets available to help you survive and thrive in the heat—and we’ve boiled it down to three must-haves.

Who doesn’t want to get a little color after months of hiding under pants and sweaters? But the sun’s rays can leave you looking like a half-baked lobster and can lead to dangerous skin conditions, like skin cancer. Wearable technology is popular for tracking health and fitness and now, with a new device called Violet, we can also protect against harmful sun exposure.

Violet, now available for preorder and set to ship in August, is the first wearable device to track and monitor UV sun exposure and prevent potential skin damage. When in sync with the Violet mobile app, it sends alerts directly to your Android or iPhone to notify you when you’re skin has reached its limit. It’s completely customizable to set for skin type, age, body size, and level of SPF sunscreen. Best yet, its waterproof making it perfect for the beach.

Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller
Warm weather is prime time for mosquitoes. How many barbeques have been ruined because of itchy mosquito bites and smelly bug spray? Well, they say there’s an app for everything and that includes ridding our backyards of those nasty bloodsuckers. And unlike expensive bug repellant, it’s free.

The Anti Mosquito-Sonic Repeller app is a new way to shoo away nasty bugs using high frequency ultra sound waves that mimic the sounds of mosquito predators, such as dragonflies and bats. It even has options to choose from various frequencies that will target different mosquito species within specific locations. But don’t worry; it’s so high-pitched that it’s undetectable to the human ear. You can finally eat your hamburger in peace.

Catalyst Waterproof Phone Case
But a waterproof gadget that relies on phone synchronicity is useless without a waterproof phone. Well, Catalyst’s new line of waterproof iPhone cases is a dream come true for any beachgoer, kayaker or anyone who enjoys the water. Every case is tested and guaranteed to be 100% waterproof up to 16 feet, beating the waterproof Otterbox by 10 feet. It’s even tested to withstand up to a 6.6-foot drop. Its one major flaw however is it’s only available for iPhone. Android users, you’re stuck with the Otterbox a little while longer.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy the summer these apps are here to help. Kick your feet up and relax knowing the latest technology has your back. While you’re at it, check out to read about Dan’s Best of the Best of everything on the East End!

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