Martha Stewart Home Featured in Architectural Digest

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart. Credit: David Shankbone

Wherever East Hampton resident Martha Stewart places her trail, beautifully crafted flower arrangements and old-fashioned décor is sure to follow.

Recently Stewart had her rustic Maine mansion featured in Architectural Digest magazine, where an elegant slideshow gave a pinhole view onto the modernly vintage style she has for her lovely home.

“I look at myself as the caretaker of an American treasure,” Stewart says in the Architectural Digest article about her interior design take on her Maine residence.

No stranger to delectable designs for the interior of a home, Stewart’s East Hampton home is also dripping in elegance that can only be defined as true Martha Stewart living.

The Maine home was originally created by architect Duncan Candler for Ford car company executive Edsel Ford and his wife Eleanor in 1925.

The home was sold to Stewart in 1997 after the death of Eleanor, and included nearly everything, decor, cabinets and all, that the Ford family had originally designed the house with.

According to the article, Stewart reveals she didn’t have to “buy a plate” due to all of the goodies left behind for her. Although Stewart, of course, admits to putting in her “fair share” of decor for her classically styled home.

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