More Doughnut Quotes and Hamptons Best on National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day Powdered Sugar
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National Doughnut Day is back! Or National Donut Day is back, if you prefer the misspelling, like most of America.

To celebrate these delightful rings of yummy goodness, we’ve put together more doughnut quotes, adding to last year’s list of 10, and listed some of our favorite doughnuts in the Hamptons.

1. “Be sweet and honest always, but for God’s sake don’t eat my doughnuts!” –Emma Bunton
Any proper East End doughnut list must begin with our very unique and wonderful regional favorite—apple cider doughnuts from The Milk Pail (1346 Montauk Highway, 631-537-2565) in Water Mill. Made fresh on-site in an old fashion doughnut machine, these subtly sweet beauties are moist and sticky with a perfectly crispy crust. Try them toasted with vanilla ice cream, but don’t try buying them late in the day—The Milk Pail sells out regularly.

2. “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” –Homer Simpson
Another local doughnut made using old fashioned methods, Dreesen’s Famous Doughnuts are an East Hampton Classic. Once made at Dreesen’s Excelsior Market, the treasured rings are now available at Scoop Du Jour (35 Newtown Lane, 631-329-4883) in East Hampton. Just like The Milk Pail’s doughnuts, Dreesen’s are a spot-on balance between moist and crispy, but they come in plain, powdered sugar and cinnamon varieties. All three are beyond good. There’s a reason newsman George Stephanopoulos and actor Alec Baldwin both rave over them.

3. I owe it all to little chocolate donuts.” –John Belushi
It’s not fancy and it’s not a venerable Hamptons mom-and-pop business, but 7-Eleven is always good for a tasty doughnut. The big case in back of their Southampton store (10 County Road 39A, 631-283-8511) is loaded with choices. They make for a great quick indulgence or late night snack. And let’s face it, where else are you going to find a Boston cream at 4 a.m.? We recommend the chocolate glazed—Oh, how we love you, crispy crust and sweet, sweet choco-goodness.

4. Much of my youth was spent in the parking lot or inside a Dunkin’ Donuts.” –Eli Roth
Of course no donut (we changed the spelling for this one) list would be complete without the godfather of donut shops, the store so powerful it’s making “doughnut” look like some bizarre, archaic spelling that will soon be long forgotten, or at least used only in Great Britain, land of the personal “cheque.” Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts is an American Classic, the symbol of donut-dom in the world today! And they’ve got it all—glazed, toasted coconut, cream, pumpkin spice and jelly. They even serve the holes (Munchkins)! Enjoy in Southampton (20 County Rd 39, 631-377-3999) or Bridgehampton Commons (2044 Montauk Highway, 631-537-0542).

5. “Bagels and doughnuts….round food for every mood” –Chandler Bing, Friends
Finally, another local gem, Ye Olde Bakeshop in Southampton (17 Windmill Lane, 631-283-6553) is, as the name implies, a classic, old school bakeshop with amazing pastries and treats. And their homemade doughnuts are standouts among a formidable menu of baked, gourmet goodies. Try the Boston cream—it’s to die for.

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