A Family Summer Party at the Parrish Art Museum

Parrish Art Museum Summer Family Party 2014
Parrish Art Museum Summer Family Party 2014. Photo: Pam Deutchman/society-in-focus.com

The Parrish Art Museum will host its second annual Family Summer Party in Water Mill on Sunday, August 2.

The event will feature multiple activities that will be led by six East End artists that include Michael Combs, Alice Hope, Paton Miller, Dan Rizzie, Alexis Rockman, and John Torreano. Children and families will receive the opportunity to engage in creative projects and learn from the established artists, most of whom have an existing relationship with the Parrish Art Museum. Combs, Miller, Rizzie and Torreano are represented in the Museum’s permanent collection, and Rockman will be featured in a full scale exhibition in October.

The scheduled workshops will allow individuals to work with stop-motion animation, take Hip Hop lessons and partake in an art scavenger hunt, among other activities.

The stop-motion animation filmmakers from The Good School in New York will be there to show children how to create their own short film. Families will be asked to participate to learn about the professional grade software DragonFrame and will be able to experiment with various materials at the animation stations to produce finished films that will be available for downloading and sharing.

Hip Hop Lessons will be instructed by the A&G Dance Company teachers Adam and Gail Baranello. The dance professionals will lead sessions that teach the latest Hip Hop moves.

Additional projects offer first-hand experience with the techniques used in painting, sculpture, field drawings, and 3-D modeling.

There will even be an opportunity to create original, classic flipbooks. The flipbook will be constructed on their own improvised, on-camera skits. An experienced instructor will offer guidance on the skits and the images will be turned into a flipbook that the children can take with them.

Also on the agenda, Jackson Pollock inspired drip painting will allow children to walk home with their very own masterpiece in the style of the famous artist. Joyce Raimondo, an author-artist, will lead the session.

The benefit event is part of the Parrish Art Museum’s mission to encourage connections among individuals, art and artists.

The Family Summer Party will run from 3 to 6 p.m. Admission is $125 for adults and $100 for children. For Parrish members, prices are $100 for adults and $75 for children. Tickets include all activities, as well as a family menu for food and beverages.

For more information visit parrishart.org/SummerFamilyParty2015 , contact benefit [email protected] , or call 631-283-2118 x 133.

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