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Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Tunic Trend

Tunics have been worn since the ancient Greeks. Today, designers present a huge variety of tunics, which differ by model, print, cut, color, fabric and length. Bright colors, embroidery, shiny fabrics, metallic shades are fun to add to your wardrobe.

They are available as tunic shirts, tunic dresses, grunge style tunics and tunics with asymmetric hems. There are tunics with fashionable prints that can be worn both with leggings and with jeans, as well as with a short dress. It is important that the chosen tunic does not limit your movement and perfectly fits your body shape.

Tunics are no-brainer wardrobe mainstays. Cotton tunics are suitable for the hot summer season, as such clothes allow air penetration and fresh breeze from the sea without leaving the body hot. But there are a few new twists: slight tailoring at the waist creates a more flattering shape, while asymmetry turns a hem into a playful modern look.

Tunic by Amy Zerner
Tunic by Amy Zerner, Photo: Monte Farber

You can wear tunics not only for daily activities, but also for special occasions. Refined fabrics and added embellishments transform tunics into lovely alternatives for evening—paired with silk pants, an elegant, arty outfit is created. If you want to wear a showstopper at night, choose a top and pants in a matching luxe fabric, or try one in a high-contrast color.

If you have great legs, wear one as a dress. If you’re just being casual, step into leggings or bell-bottoms. Accessorize with bold, dramatic earrings, a long pendant, or a hop-belt to spotlight the beautiful soft draping.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and fashion designer.

You can find her creations at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC or at The Enchanted World Emporium, 8 Main Street, East Hampton, next to Rowdy Hall Restaurant 631-324-7695.

Tunic by Amy Zerner
Tunic by Amy Zerner, Photo: Monte Farber
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