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Guilty Pleasure Recap: The Bachelorette, Season 11, Week 11

Spin the Wheel and the Ball Falls on __?__
Finally we made it through all the drama, bromance and fights to the finale touted as “The Most Dramatic Conclusion in Bachelor History.” Don’t they always use that same come-on for the decision show? What could be so dramatic about this? I told you week one who will come out the winner.

The Final Show
We get an hour of “Meet the Parents” with Kaitlyn bringing Nick then Shawn B (at this point let’s drop the “B” – his last name is Booth) to her family. It seems Kaitlyn’s mom already has strong feelings against Nick and says she is honestly surprised that Nick is one of the two men left standing. But Nick shows up, smooth talks mom and by the time he leaves she understands her daughter’s attraction to him. OK, Nick, so you were able to schmooze mom. Shawn is next and Kaitlyn’s very intuitive sister is certain he’s the one. There certainly is passion between Kaitlyn and Nick, but that doesn’t make for the kind of strong connection necessary to build a life together. Both Nick and Shawn respectfully ask for her parents’ blessings should they have the chance to propose. The parents give consent to both young men.

Next Kaitlyn gets one final date with each bachelor. The date with Nick is easy. They remain very cozy together. But the next day with Shawn, there is awkwardness in their conversation. I’m thinking those cagy producers are trying to throw all of us off the scent. But we know better, we can’t be swayed that easily.

Kaitlyn's Neil Lane diamond engagement ring!
Kaitlyn’s Neil Lane diamond engagement ring! Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Tension builds! Neil Lane, the jeweler, knocks on the doors of both Nick and Shawn with his suitcase full of stunning engagement rings. Both bachelors dream, both choose a dazzling diamond to tantalize Kaitlyn with, should they be the lucky guy.

The final day has arrived. Kaitlyn is gorgeous in a nude-colored gown with applique in all the right places. Bachelorette Nation knows by this time that the first man to exit the limo will be the runner up. I only wish I gambled a few bucks on this ending. What did I say from night one. Yes, I am patting myself on the back—I called it, go check my first blog. Jimmy Kimmel called it too, so I guess you didn’t have to be a psychic to figure this one out. Was there a surprise? Not for me. If anyone was surprised, it was Nick. There he is climbing out of the limo. Turn around, do not pass go, do not collect $200: You are once more the best man, never the groom. Poor Nick. It has to be humiliating for this poor slob to lay his feelings out there again, only to have them dashed once more on coast-to-coast television. Have you been hiding under your bed all season just sucking it up because you knew you had to face Kaitlyn, Shawn and America on “After the Final Rose?” Oh, and did you notice? Nick had his whole family in the front row for support. I did feel bad for his poor little sister who sat there sobbing through the rejection scene.

Shawn, of course, accepts the final rose, declares his undying love and asks Kaitlyn to be his wife! That’s right, our Bachelorette slips his Neil Lane ring on her finger, locking in her final answer to the question we’ve been asking all season. Shawn and Kaitlyn are engaged—they’re getting married! Or so they say.

Poor Nick. His bitter enemy ruled the day and got the girl. Now on to the post-game wrap-up.

Kaitlyn tears out Nick Viall's heart
Kaitlyn tears out Nick Viall’s heart…literally, Photo: ABC/Rick Rockwell

After the Final Rose
Leave it to Chris Harrison, he really knows how to milk a good thing. First we get the happy couple. Yes, they are still happy. OK, any bets on how long this relationship will last? Romantics, do you think this is the real thing and they actually have a chance at a happily ever after? Of course, we get a Nick-Shawn confrontation. I give credit to both men. They were diplomatic. No nasty comments were slung. Good boys! Now for the confrontation we were all waiting for-Kaitlyn and Nick. He really appeared to be holding himself in check this time. He didn’t make any surprising accusations like he did with Andy. He came off truly hurt and only asked why Kaitlyn let him express his love when she was going to turn him down, which is actually a good question.

Nick is sent on his way and Shawn, smiling from ear to ear, returns. Chris Harrison asks if anything will be different now that their relationship has gone public. Shawn gallantly says, “I can stand next to her and stick up for her because she didn’t deserve any of the cyber bullying.” You are so right about that, Shawn. Kaitlyn has been open and real throughout her season. Good for you, girl. We all wish you and Shawn much happiness as you leave fantasy TV to actually start living in reality.

But first, the happy couple will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so crack open the champagne and let’s toast to Jimmy and my prediction being RIGHT ON. Ok, you can toast the happy couple, too.

That’s the end of our Guilty Pleasure coverage of ABC’s The Bachelorette, Season 11. Look back at previous recaps here.

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