Billion Dollar Idea: Wristband Spellcheck

always check for spelling errors

I have come up with a really good idea. You know how when you write on a computer or cellphone the device automatically corrects your misspellings?

Many people do not type on computers or do not care to. They prefer longhand. Yet there is no spellcheck for them. Why can’t there be a spellcheck for longhand?

My idea is a wristband you wear that would vibrate when you make a spelling mistake longhand. Such a wristband would be programmed to sniff out spelling errors at the very moment you are about to make them (since after you make them there is no backspace, it just stays a mess.) It could hook up to your brain by Bluetooth and if it sees the letter C being formed on the paper, it takes it as a hint, and knows the rest of the word you are about to write is going to be misspelled. It would vibrate. You’d stop. The word spelled wrong would appear in lights on your wristband, and next to it would be the correctly spelled word. Tap the correctly spelled word, and your wristband, using small amounts of muscle twitch software, would lead your wrist and hand through to finish the word correctly.

I know that as time goes by, fewer and fewer people are using longhand—many schools are even ending teaching it to second graders—this may not have much of a future.

Well, at the present time, it DOES have a future and so I am going on to Kickstarter, noting the concept, asking for money and posting this new company’s strategy, which would include getting these spellcheck wristbands onto every arm in America because – you never know when you might just break out into longhand – and after that, as a goal, getting the company bought up by Jawbone or FitBit or maybe even Apple, which could bring millions, maybe even billions, to its founders. What do you say?

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