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Feud: Aussie Rapper Bangs Releases Jimmy Fallon Diss Track

Sagaponack resident Jimmy Fallon mocked Australian rapper Bangs while hosting The Tonight Show during a segment called “Do Not Play.” It featured Bangs’ song “Take You To Da Movies.”

Bangs is a Melbourne, Australia, internet rap figure who has developed a significant YouTube following and has more than  11,000 Instagram followers. He is most well known for being featured in an Australian Honda commercial.

After being insulted when Fallon warned his viewers not to listen to Bangs at all costs, Bangs decided to release a song dissing Fallon and his show.

In contrast to mainstream American rap, Bangs’ insults were quite mild and literal. “Jimmy Fallon said my song was terrible. You need to fix your hands because your hands look terrible,” the song goes. He is referring to Fallon’s casted hand due to a freak house accident.

He continues by saying,“You’re just a clown making fun of people because you got nothing to talk about.” The diss ends with, “Should I say Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Fallin’?,” Bangs sings. “At least I’m taking ladies to the movies—who you taking? Nobody.”

Will Fallon respond back to Bangs and perhaps make a diss of his own? Perhaps with his Grammy winning house band The Roots?

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