Sculptor Peter Anton Celebrates Ice Cream in a Big Way

Giant cake by Peter Anton
Giant cake by Peter Anton, Photo: Courtesy Gallery Valentine

Gallery Valentine in East Hampton is proving that art can be fun and compelling with Frost Bite, a new exhibition of work by world-famous sculptor of giant food items Peter Anton.

For this latest exhibit, Anton sparks nostalgia with his recreations of icy summertime favorites, such as popsicles and banana splits—essentially turning Gallery Valentine into a giant freezer full of delicious sweets.

“I always liked sticking my head in the freezer to cool off while searching for frozen treats on hot summer days,” Anton says, recalling his childhood affinity for the things he now recreates in monumental scale. “That feeling is what I hope to convey with this exhibit.”

Art by Peter Anton
Art by Peter Anton, Photo: Courtesy Gallery Valentine

Playfully dubbed “Candy Warhol” by many, Anton has found an international fan base for his three-dimensional chocolate boxes and larger-than-life sculptures of food. After nearly 20 years of experimenting with giantism and food, the artist has refined his craft. He now uses various materials—including resin, acrylic, wood, clay, metal and oils—to create large but exacting replicas of classic indulgences.

“No matter where we come from or what our backgrounds are, we are all united by the very special experiences and memories we share during those long summer days,” Anton says, waxing nostalgic about his subject.

Giant Popcicles by Peter Anton
Giant popcicles by Peter Anton, Photo: Courtesy Gallery Valentine

Frost Bite, which opened last weekend, follows a line of successful artistic endeavors during Anton’s 20-plus-year career. Most recently, he debuted “The Foodhist Temple” at UNIX Gallery in March 2015. In 2012, the sculptor made history at Art Basel Miami Beach with “Sugar & Gomorrah,” an art experience that transformed a roller coaster into a visually stimulating showcase of tempting foods and scantily clad men and women. This marked the first time viewers could ride through an exhibition from start to finish.

“Throughout the years representing Peter Anton, I’ve seen his sculptures evoke the most incredible responses from collectors and admirers of all ages,” Gallery Valentine owner Ryan Ross says, adding, “I’m excited that we have been able to curate Frost Bite, where people can see another element of his cohesive vision.”

Peter Anton’s Frost Bite will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily through August 13 at Gallery Valentine in East Hampton (33 Newtown Lane). Visit for more info.

Artist Peter Anton
Artist Peter Anton, Photo: Courtesy Gallery Valentine

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