Hamptons Epicure: Still Sip ’n Soda

Sip 'n Soda grilled cheese sandwich.
Sip 'n Soda grilled cheese sandwich. Photo credit: Stacy Dermont

My husband and I hadn’t been to Southampton’s circa 1958 soda fountain Sip ’n Soda in a few years. It’s one of those established go-to places—like John Papas is to East Hampton and Star Confectionary and the Riverhead Diner are to Riverhead. The more things change…The cool neon signage still beckons out front and inside you have a choice of sitting at the counter or in a booth. The booths are real, old wood; their tables are well-worn faux wood on top. They’ve seen a lot of dishes come and go.

You’ll see all the old standards on the menu plus some newer ingredients like avocado and chipotle.The servers were new to us but they offered the same sort of friendly, efficient service that we remember fondly. When our son Teenage Boy was little, we lived in Southampton Village, so Sip ’n Soda was in our regular rotation of attractions. I especially remember the day that I had to pick Teenage Boy (then aged about 8) up early from elementary school because he’d been stung by a bee on the inside of his ear. I took him to Sip ’n Soda for lunch. We sat at the counter and a very nice man talked about bees with him, gave him ice for his ear and served us burgers and fries. Teenage Boy had a milkshake that day too as a special treat. Sip ’n Soda remains strong in the ice cream department. Newer flavors include the popular Nutella and of course, right now, they’re serving pumpkin ice cream. As their website asserts: “We are proud to serve our customers the smoothest, creamiest, most delicious ice cream in the Hamptons.”

Sip 'n Soda grilled cheese sandwich.
Sip ‘n Soda egg and cheese sandwich. Photo credit: Stacy Dermont

Thankfully, nothing stung anyone to prompt this most recent visit. While ceiling fans wafted sounds of Sinatra down from above, I ordered a sandwich that was a special—a Grilled Cheddar with avocado, bacon and tomato on whole wheat with a side of coleslaw and a dill pickle spear. Husband was in the mood for breakfast, which Sip’n Soda offers later than most places, but this day they had run out of home fries. He ordered an egg sandwich of two hard-fried eggs, cheese and bacon on whole wheat. He was glad he didn’t get home fries because we both found our sandwiches quite filling, in part because we ate the coleslaw and pickle. The housemade coleslaw is of the creamy minced variety, sweet with a kick. Husband declared his black coffee “good.”

So why not pay an old friend a visit soon? Just “bee” ready to put your money where your mouth is—Sip ’n Soda doesn’t take credit cards.

Sip ’n Soda, 40 Hampton Road, Southampton, 631-283-9752, sipnsoda.com.


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