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Sunflower Patch Southampton: Educational Childcare Sets Parents Free

Parents rejoice! Date night just got a whole lot easier in the Hamptons.

Innovative childcare business, Sunflower Patch, has just opened a new drop-off center in Southampton offering kids twice daily sessions of theme-based arts, crafts, music, and literature instruction, while also allowing local parents a chance to get out for some grown up time whenever the need might arise.

Open to children 2–8, The Patch’s hourly drop-off service, helps busy parents break-free on their own schedule, yet leaves Mom and Dad confident their child is interacting with others in a proactive, safe and nurturing setting.

Weekly and monthly services are also available so working parents can plan for weeks ahead knowing their kids will be receiving instruction that keep them engaged and thinking creatively in anticipation of, and in conjunction with, formal education. During the high season, a summer camp session with extended hours allows parents to get the most from all the Hamptons has to offer, while their children get all that The Patch has to offer.

Fun with art at Sunflower Patch Southampton
Fun with art at Sunflower Patch Southampton!

For the past four years, The Patch’s North Fork Children’s Art Studio and Instruction Program has used the arts to teach community children about the world around them. Each daily session, Monday–Saturday, is limited to 10 spaces with experienced instructors encouraging children to express themselves to the fullest with others in a professionally conducted classroom setting.

“We have developed a unique program that allows parents maximum flexibility to accommodate their busy schedules while providing the nurturing environment those parents work so hard to give to their children,” The Patch’s owner and head instructor Britta Babashak says. “We offer our communities the opportunity to let their children learn, create, play and grow through innovation and imagination.”

Specific activities at The Patch include free play, drawing, watercolors, oil pastels, clay, acrylics, children’s literature, discussion, dramatic play, dance, yoga, puzzles and games.

Sunflower Patch Southampton is located at 40 Hill Street in Southampton. To find out more, call 443-223-5915 or visit

Mixing up some fun at Sunflower Patch Southampton Southampton
Mixing up some fun at Sunflower Patch Southampton
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