5 Must-Have Apps to Pass the Time on the Hampton Jitney

Photo: Rancz Andrei

The Hampton Jitney, or any other ride to the Hamptons, is part of the unique culture you’ll only find on the East End. While you sit back and enjoy your ride in the Jitney, the train, limousine or helicopter, you’re no doubt going to want something to help pass the time. Now, we do not advocate for using your phone to make/take calls on the Jitney—it’s not considerate to those around you—but it’s definitely okay to use apps! Here are five apps, either free or paid, that need to be on your smartphone for you to enjoy on those long rides, as long as you’re not driving.

MobilityWare Solitaire
You can’t go wrong with solitaire. Well, you can go very wrong if you miss a card, but that’s all part of the fun. This free app offers simple, clean solitaire with various options and settings to enable or disable hints, change how many cards are drawn per turn and more. An ad will pop up between games, but most are quick and harmless.

BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed News
Admit it: You have quietly visited buzzfeed.com during the workday to read that great article your friend told you about. Or maybe you saw the “Which Disney Prince Will You Marry?” quiz and just had to know the name of your charming happily-ever-after. Maybe you just wanted to look at funny cat memes. Either way, BuzzFeed needs to be on your phone! It’s the easiest way to access the popular site, and lets you customize the content to your liking. There’s also an app that focuses exclusively on news. Of course you’ll want to read everything on DansPapers.com first.

Miitomo Miifoto by Ayumi (@ayu on Twitter)
Miitomo Miifoto by Ayumi (@ayu on Twitter)

This cute Nintendo-made app is charmingly weird. You start by creating your “Mii,” an avatar of yourself, then by adding friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. The app will then ask you random questions: “What did you eat for breakfast yesterday? What’s your favorite movie of all time? What’s your biggest regret?” Your friends can see your answers (and vice versa) and you can comment and start conversation threads.

Audible is a paid monthly audiobook service by Amazon.com. Each month, you get a certain amount of credits to buy audiobooks. The value is great—all books cost one credit, no matter the length or popularity—and the app will remember where you stopped listening, even if you last listened on another device.

Hooked on Words
This simple little word game is great fun. The objective is to clear letters from a grid by connecting letters together, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Larger words are worth more points. The game continues until you can’t make any more words. The game is free with a few unintrusive ads that you can pay to remove.

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