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Montauk’s Camp SoulGrow Expands Program to Hampton Bays

Camp SoulGrow, a nonprofit creative workshop camp for all kids ages 7 and older in Montauk, has expanded to Hampton Bays. The camp reports that opening day was a “radiant success” on Wednesday, April 27, in Squiretown Park.

Offering no-fee, 90-minute workshops to all kids 7 and up to help them find who they are, and learn from their community, Camp SoulGrow says they are excited to open in Hampton Bays and reach more kids!

Beautiful weather, nature, meeting new friends and laughter with the community highlighted the first official session outside of the camp’s Montauk headquarters on Wednesday.

Camp SoulGrow hike
Camp SoulGrow hike, Photo: Courtesy Camp SoulGrow

The campers enjoyed hiking—first painting signs and then hitting the trail with Camp SoulGrow’s head kid. Children climbed to the water where they skipped rocks and had fun with new friends. It was great exercise and lots of laughs outdoors in the beauty of nature.

The second camp included a pizza party, followed by a guitar sing-along with Laura Maruzzella. After that, kids learned how to sew a running stitch and make their own pillows.

The third camp was a gardening workshop. Campers made a beautiful garden around the MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH post in front of the historic Hampton Bays Girl Scouts building, and potted their own plants to take home.

Camp SoulGrow hikers
Camp SoulGrow hikers, Photo: Courtesy Camp SoulGrow

“The history of this place is just as beautiful as the location and we are honored and excited to grow here,” Camp SoulGrow said in their Hampton Bays announcement. “Peace is prevailing and this is just the beginning!”

Camp SoulGrow offers workshops that empower children by giving them hands-on mentoring experiences from local business owners, artists and everyday people around them. They use the community as a classroom and the people as teachers. Camp SoulGrow will offer workshops out of Squiretown Park in Hampton Bays on Tuesdays and Thursdays for summer 2016, and will extend throughout the winter.

For more information on workshops and programming, including this month’s programs, email or visit

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