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Communication from the Heart or Mind: Which Is​ More Fun?

The purpose of my column is to offer short, sweet, powerful insights into the Truth of your nature and the nature of humanity. May you take these words to heart, embody them deeply, and create a joyful, meaningful and compassionate life for yourself. – with spirit, Bernard

The mind thinks, analyzes, judges and emotes.

The heart intuits, experiences, ​allows and feels.​

Which do you imagine ​is​ more fun?

The emotions of the mind include​ guilt,​ judgment,​ ​anger,​ ​hurt, ​suspicion,​ fear,​ confusion, neediness,​ ​frustration and resentment.

​The feelings of the heart include caring, ​integrity, tenderness,​ compassion, ​joy, true humor, gratitude and loving acceptance—of both yourself and the other.​

Which do you imagine is more fun?

When you are dialoguing with your partner or spouse, pay attention to the source of your words. Do your words come from your head (mind), filled with opinions, beliefs, shoulds, expectations, (both negative and positive) and emotions, all of which we can generally think of as being life-negating? Or do your words come from your heart, filled with your wisdom, caring, understanding, compassion and respect for exactly who the person is, at face value? In short, we can generally think of communication from the heart as being life​-​affirming.

Which do you imagine is more fun?

Personally, and probably obviously, I prefer the latter. We all crave (whether we admit it or not) genuine, honest, life-affirming connection​ with another. Communications from the mind generally keep us disconnected and separate from the other while communications from the heart create connection-with our own self and with the other.

Which do you imagine is more fun?

All emotions are preceded by a thought (a neural pathway in the mind). All feelings are preceded by an intuitive sensing or knowing. Consequently, the source of all your emotions and all of your feelings is you! As you choose to take responsibility for every emotion and every feeling you experience​ ​-​ ​because it happens inside you​ ​-​ ​you develop the option of ​actually ​choosing your emotions and your feelings.

Choose wisely, choose consciously. It’s more fun.

Emotions, which come from the mind: “are a bad imitation of true feelings.” – Adamus​ Saint Germain

Bernard Corrigan, M.A. is a transpersonal psychotherapist who practices on the East End. He has more than 38 years counseling individuals, couples and teenagers to discover, communicate and realize their hearts’ truth. Call him at 631-725-9394 or visit

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