Kanye West and Desiigner Visit the Hamptons

Kanye West
Kanye West, Photo: buzzfuss/123RF

Rapper, producer and self-proclaimed messiah Kanye West made a special appearance in the Hamptons this past Monday as evidenced by a stream of Snapchats of West and rapper/protégé Desiigner getting wild to their own music at an undisclosed location (watch the video below).

The Snapchats were posted by G.O.O.D. Music A&R and West’s cousin Ricky Anderson, showing the two rappers dancing and working the crowd, West in a large white hoodie and Desiigner donning a tee from the 1998 Hype Williams film Belly.

Though the mystery remains as to what the musicians were doing in the Hamptons, some speculate the trio—West, Desiigner and Anderson—may have been celebrating the release of Desiigner’s Fairly OddParents-inspired cover art for his new single, “Timmy Turner,” which he released on his Instagram (@lifeofdesiigner) the same day.

As for West, if 2016 has shown anything, it’s that the star’s joie de vivre is at its peak, and that he has nothing to not celebrate.

West released his eighth album The Life of Pablo this past Valentine’s Day, which he hyped tremendously with his constant title and track list revisions via his @kanyewest Twitter. He’s also made the news several times this year with a rant on Ellen in praise of himself and a controversial music video for his song “Famous,” which featured nude wax models of personalities such as Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and Caitlyn Jenner. West’s wife Kim Kardashian also revealed that he had recently been shooting a new music video for his song “Highlights” atop a glacier in Iceland. The video is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

West’s ninth album, tentatively titled Turbo Grafx 16, is likely to be released at some point this summer.

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