Give Your Pets Cat or Dog Wine This Holiday Season

If you are a pet lover living on the East End you should be aware that serving your cat or dog alcoholic beverages is both dangerous and illegal. Still, somehow it doesn’t seem fair that humans may imbibe as much as they desire, but cats and dogs are excluded.

Now that’s all changed with the introduction of cat and dog wine. While alcohol is dangerous for pets, these wines are perfectly safe for Fluffy or Fido. The ASPCA has even checked them out. They’re all made with organic and natural ingredients, including red and yellow beets and various herbs that can soothe a pet’s stomach or help him or her relax—and that’s what wine does best!

A Denver-based company, Apollo Peak, is the inventor of these non-alcoholic wines for your beloved feline or canine oenophile. With names like, Pinot Meow and Chardognay, these wines are sure to put a smile on your cat or dog. It would make a great stocking stuffer.

Apollo Peak pet wines for dogs and cats
Apollo Peak pet wines for dogs and cats, Photo: Courtesy Apollo Peak

We all know that East Enders love to spoil our furry friends. So why not include them in social gatherings? Local test dog Hercules, who’s known for his sophisticated palate, likes the Zinfantail over the Chardognay and Malbark, but that’s just his preference. And he prefers to quaff 12oz bottles of dog wine over the 1.6oz single serve option.

Along with the Pinot Meow for cats, they also offer White Kittendel, Catbernet and Moscato. These are offered in 1.6 meownce single serving bottles, or 8 meownce bottles for those larger cat gatherings.

After a stressful day of sleeping, barking, chasing a stuffed mouse or even licking one’s paws, shouldn’t our dedicated companions be allowed a good time?

Zinfantail Apollo Peak dog wine
Zinfantail Apollo Peak dog wine, Photo: Courtesy Apollo Peak

So, if you’re having difficulty figuring out what to buy your pet this holiday season, why not try some cat or dog wine?

The company says it’s managed by CFO (Chief Feline Officer) Apollo—it’s a true “for pets, by pets” operation.

And why shouldn’t our non-human loved ones imbibe?

Visit for more info, including ordering and shops where it’s available.

Moscato Apollo Peak cat wine
Moscato Apollo Peak cat wine, Photo: Courtesy Apollo Peak

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