Aliens Invade: Two Competing Alien Invaders – What Do We Do?

alien invaders cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas
Cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas

The aliens invade. The military can’t stop them. They take over the Earth. But then, an ordinary man, someone just like you and me, discovers the aliens’ secret weakness and, after rescuing a girl, puts his discovery into effect and drives the aliens away.

The aliens invade. But then some other aliens invade on the other side of the Earth. The military can’t stop either of them, and so the aliens take over, each on their side, and post sentries on the border between them and peace prevails. However, an ordinary man, someone just like you and me, discovers the secret weakness of each of the different groups of aliens and, after rescuing a girl, puts his discovery into effect and gets the aliens fighting with each other until they are both so devastated and exhausted that they fly away.

The aliens invade. They offer to make peace, but a bull-headed general in the military, defying orders from the President, attacks the aliens and kills all of them. As a result, a second group of aliens from the same planet arrives on the other side of the Earth, declares themselves to be invulnerable to Earth’s weapons, fights and kills the general. But then, an ordinary woman, someone just like you and me, discovers the secret weakness and, after rescuing the President, puts it into effect and causes the second group of aliens to fly away. They take the President with them. Also, his dog. It’s very sad. He meant well.

Some aliens invade the moon. They find the American flag that the astronauts set up there in 1969, tear it down and set it on fire. As a result, the military sends five rocket ships with soldiers to the moon, but the aliens hide in some craters and the soldiers can’t find them. Ultimately, the soldiers run out of air and leave. After that, the aliens come back out, tear down the second American flag (the soldiers put up a new one) and set it on fire, and this time put up their own flag. But then, an ordinary man, just like you and me, discovers a weakness in the aliens, and after rescuing the President’s dog, puts the discovery into effect by sneaking into an astronomer’s observatory at night, with his girlfriend, re-adjusting the telescope and firing a laser at the Alien flag, causing it to burn up. The aliens fly away.

Some aliens land on Mars. A meeting is called of the United Nations, and it’s decided that since it would take two years to fly to Mars, we should forget about it. Soon after that, however, a second group of aliens, from a different planet than the first, land on Venus. A new meeting is called of the United Nations and, since Earth is now caught in what could be a crossfire, if these two groups of aliens tried to fight with each other, it is decided that something must be done.

The earthlings embark on a 10-year program to create invasion forces to go by rocket to each planet, but then an ordinary woman, just like you or me, makes radio contact with each group of aliens, learns that there is a mutual language spoken by these two groups that can only be understood by the President’s dog, and, after rescuing a young soldier, she goes with him and the President’s dog to the White House, where they are both arrested. Here, deep in the Presidential bunker’s prison cell, they survive—he and she and the dog—a preemptive strike by both groups of aliens. Soon afterwards, they emerge into the dusty sunlight of a ruined earth to embark upon a loving attempt to re-establish humankind by starting a family.

The end.

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