Hamptons Police Respond to Polar Bears at Montauk Plunge

Polar bears at the polar bear plunge
Photo: Iakov Filimonov, Evgeniy Zakharov/123RF, Daniel Gonzalez

Participants in a New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge event on a beach in Montauk were alarmed to find they were joined on the beach by what appeared to be several actual polar bears.

As the three large animals appeared from behind some dunes and made their way slowly and menacingly towards the large group of people awaiting the plunge, animal control officers of the Hamptons Police force were notified by panicked calls.

When the officers arrived, bringing stun guns loaded with powerful animal tranquilizers, they quickly took charge of the area and began evacuating terrified plungers. Meanwhile, highly trained bear snipers positioned atop the dunes took aim at the furry intruders and shot each one full of bear-strength Valium. However, when the officers approached the now motionless bears, it was discovered that they were actually guys dressed up in polar bear suits.

“It appears that some jokesters thought they would play a trick on the polar plungers,” says Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch. “In the end, they wound up taking a long nap on the beach.” The annual Polar Bear Plunge proceeded as planned.

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