Everyone Needs a Miniature Seinfeld Set Replica – But Hold the Door

Seinfeld Set Replica
Seinfeld Set Replica, Photo: Artuitive LLC

East Hampton resident Jerry Seinfeld may miss his old Seinfeld apartment set, but now he, and anyone with $400 to spare, can own a tiny re-creation of it!

Currently available to order, the Seinfeld Set Replica is an incredibly lifelike, 1:26 scale version of Jerry’s famous apartment 5A, and it’s loaded with awesome details from the comedian’s longtime television home. Featuring the iconic kitchen and living room—not to mention computer nook with the now super-dated early Macintosh computer, complete with 3.5-inch floppy disk drive—the miniature set also reveals the production lights and raw wooden backs of its faux walls. And it even has a working front door.

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Seinfeld Set Replica
Seinfeld Set Replica, Photo: Artuitive LLC

The set was created with Warner Bros. Consumer Products using the show’s original blueprints and development materials, courtesy of the original production crew. Along with a team of show creators, studio executives, designers, artists and merchandising experts, Seinfeld Production Designer Tho. E. Azzari provided creative consultation for the project, offering sketches, Polaroids and color swatches from his personal archives to ensure the hand-painted miniature was faithful to the original, life-size set.

In addition, fine artist Alan Wolfson—designer of one-of-a-kind miniature environments which have been showcased in galleries and museums around the world—provided creative advice on the project.

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Hand-painted and measuring 16.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches deep and 6.5 inches tall, the Seinfeld Set Replica is being produced in a limited edition of 5,000 numbered pieces, which are due for delivery in June of this year. It’s currently available to order for $399 through March 1, and if any of the edition remain after that date, the price will go up to $499.

Seinfeld Set Replica - Piece of door
Seinfeld Set Replica – Piece of door, Photo: Artuitive LLC

Less appealing, at least to us, each set comes with a hand-numbered commemorative card featuring a piece of a door from the Seinfeld Archives. See a photo of the card and door above. Yay.

Piece of door aside, this little apartment is pretty sweet. You can see more and order it at seinfeldsetreplica.com.

Watch a cool video about the production below.

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