Lutha Leahy-Miller Paints Trump Portrait

Donald Trump portrait by Lutha Leahy-Miller
Donald Trump portrait by Lutha Leahy-Miller

Southampton resident, Hamptons Surf Report writer and artist Lutha Leahy-Miller has shared a new politically inspired portrait—this time featuring the president himself, Donald Trump.

Leahy-Miller, who has made clear in the past that he’s no fan of Trump or his administration, makes no specific judgements with his new presidential portrait. On Monday he noted that a Trump fan had already bought a print of the image, which was created using Japanese ink and brush on paper.

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Back in January, just after Trump’s inauguration, Leahy-Miller painted a portrait of then-ubiquitous Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway, who’s been somewhat missing from the news media lately. At the time, he said, “It’s a political cartoon, with a definite slant to the left,” adding, “I tried to bring out her inner nasty, to make her look as ugly as can be simply by adhering to her facial characteristics, but then just slightly tweaking them in a darker direction—I wanted show her inner darkness.”

Kellyanne Conway portrait by Lutha Leahy-Miller
Kellyanne Conway portrait by Lutha Leahy-Miller (

But now more than anything, it seems the artist is just drawing and painting what’s on his mind. He’s also been loosening his mark making in order to “go with the flow much much more,” and adding more lines and complexity to his compositions.

A surfer, artist and substitute teacher, Leahy-Miller graduated from Southampton High School in 1994. He writes the Hamptons Surf Report every day, where you can often see his artwork along with the day’s surf report and forecast. You can find his work at Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor or at You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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