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How to Create the Ultimate Hamptons Outdoor Kitchen

Living beyond the walls of your home outdoors can be fabulous. Cooking beyond the walls of your home in an outdoor kitchen can be even more fabulous!

As the summer sun begins to shine perfectly overhead, the desire to be outside kicks into full gear. Relaxation, conversation and celebrations take shape outdoors. How does one make these precious moments most memorable?

“Outdoor kitchens are the key to people gathering together,” says Michael Gotowala, founder of the Outdoor Kitchen Design Store, adding, “A rewarding lifestyle shared by friends and family is our signature, for every outdoor kitchen we build.”

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen, Photo: Outdoor Kitchen Design Store

A great backyard setting starts with a great outdoor kitchen. Adding the option to cook outside inspires and excites guests who will enjoy spending time and eating with one another. And a well organized and appointed outdoor kitchen keeps the food flowing and the party going outside under the sun or stars.

But before any of that happens, a homeowner must decide on the optimal outdoor kitchen design and layout. Begin by considering the intent for your outdoor kitchen.

When designing the perfect outdoor kitchen, ask yourself who is going to use it? Are you serving many guests at the party of a lifetime, or is the kitchen more about dining outside with family and a few friends? Does your intended celebration or meal require special provisions?

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen, Photo: Outdoor Kitchen Design Store

Once you have your intent worked out, assess the available outdoor space and what that space will allow. Then decide how and what you want to cook—there’s life beyond the hood of the grill, and a whole range of other outdoor cooking sources to enjoy.

Now research the type of outdoor kitchen cabinets that will work with your local weather and climate throughout all seasons. And, finally, personalize your outdoor kitchen to match your lifestyle and decor.

Outdoor kitchens come in three primary configurations.

1. Luxury Outdoor Kitchens custom built onsite with various materials to accompany the grill, appointed appliances and cabinets, such as stone and stucco.

2. Freestanding Outdoor Kitchens with cabinets assembled as a unit that can be placed on an existing patio or deck. These outdoor kitchens usually feature lots of cabinets without much stone construction.

3. Modular Outdoor Kitchen Islands that can stand permanently or be configured to move after the need or season ends.

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen, Photo: Outdoor Kitchen Design Store

Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous Tip: Raise the bar and elevate the outdoor kitchen to the house level that best facilitates any back and forth from inside to outside. The ease of location creates a much easier, relaxed effort when dining and entertaining outdoors. This outdoor kitchen should be fully equipped and appointed to cook a variety of menu options from sunup to late night, while also remaining very accessible to the indoor kitchen.

Sound too involved?

The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store can design and assemble freestanding outdoor kitchens just about anywhere.

Call 1-855-GET OUTDOORS or visit for more info.

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen, Photo: Outdoor Kitchen Design Store
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