Alec Baldwin to Host ‘Match Game’ Season 3, Says He Has a Ball Doing It

Alec Baldwin on ABC' "Match Game"
Alec Baldwin on ABC' "Match Game," Photo: Courtesy ABC

Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin will return to host Season 3 of ABC’s Match Game, according to a network announcement at the TCA summer press tour Sunday, Variety reports. As part of the deal, Baldwin’s El Dorado Pictures will develop scripted and unscripted projects for ABC Studios.

Some might expect Baldwin, who has starred in blockbuster films and hit television shows, wouldn’t enjoy hosting a game show, but the actor recently told Dan’s Papers how much he loves the job—not to mention all the money it puts into his Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation.

“They said we’re going to do one summer package of these shows on Sunday nights, and here’s what we’re going to pay you,” Baldwin said, recalling ABC’s first Match Game pitch. “It was a boon to my foundation,” he continued, adding, “I look for these one-offs and things like that for my foundation…”

Following a successful first season, Baldwin agreed to host 12 more episodes on Season 2 of the game show, which concluded in May.

“I stopped and thought about going to work for them for eight or 10 days and making more money than everything else I do combined. The Match Game game show format is a very lucrative thing for everybody. So they come to me, and my wife [Hilaria Baldwin] goes, how could I say no?” Baldwin said.

Alec Baldwin on ABC' "Match Game"
Alec Baldwin on ABC’ “Match Game,” Photo: Courtesy ABC

“Did I want to be a game show host in my life? No, but what I do—I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but this is true—I literally get on my knees in my dressing room, I literally kneel and pray in my dressing room, and I literally say, dear God, thank you for this opportunity…let me convey to these people that I want to be there, that we’ll have a good time, that I’m not distancing myself from it,” Baldwin continued, revealing his pre-show ritual.

The actor said of Match Game producer Jennifer Mullin and ABC Head of Alternative Programing Rob Mills, “They’re the two nicest people I’ve ever worked with in my life. When I go do Match Game we have a ball. It all comes together really, really great.”

Further proving the Baldwin/ABC love-fest, ABC Studios President Patrick Moran said, “Alec Baldwin is one of the most prolific, creative people in the entertainment industry. We’re looking forward to channeling that creativity for our studio.”

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey also praised Baldwin: “Alec’s quick wit, charm and star power set the stage for an unadulterated and can’t-miss hour of television each week on Match Game.” she said, adding, “The series is an integral part of ABC ‘Fun & Games,’ and I’m glad to have it and Alec back.”

As host of Match Game Season 2, Baldwin received a 2017 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Program.

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