Pufferfish, Dogfish and More Caught off Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf

Who would’ve thought there were so many species of fish in the waters just off Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf? YouTube show Fisker Outdoor Adventures recently visited the historic whaling village—something they do about twice a year—and demonstrated how a little fishing off the side reveals there’s a lot more than just snappers (baby bluefish) out there.

Watch as host Brian Miller and his cousin Andy enthusiastically haul in porgies, snappers, blowfish (aka pufferfish), a northern kingfish, and even a dogfish—the small, toothless species of shark! These guys clearly love fish and simply enjoy marveling at the various species, even the small ones nobody would ever keep. Other fish you might pull out of the water here include sea robins, blackfish, stonefish, flounder and weakfish, to name just a few interesting species.

As the man says: This day is about “smooch and release!”

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