Anat Fritz Makes Raw-Vegan Magic in the Hamptons

Anat Fritz and one of her unique raw-vegan dishes
Anat Fritz and one of her unique raw-vegan dishes, Photos: Courtesy A. Fritz

Meet the Hamptons’ hottest addition to the league of chefs, Anat Fritz, offering a young, creative and healthy approach in the kitchen.

Author of Raw Food! (2014, Dorling Kindersley), Anat is a personal chef who prepares juice cleanses, smoothies, healthy snacks and meal plans. She also provides educational food coaching and advises on transitioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Having grown up between beautiful fruit trees and produce farms in Israel, Anat found her love and appreciation for raw food and its incredible health benefits at early age.
Being a passionate raw-vegan, Anat is constantly searching for fun and tasty
 recipes to replace the boring veggie plate with shredded coleslaw and parsley.

knew there was an alternative to chewing on carrots and raisins all day, but since Anat 
could not find what she was looking for on the market, she started to experiment with recipes. Imagining dishes she wanted to see on her own plate, she created unique wonders, such as a raw-vegan interpretation of her favorite key lime pie, which spread like a bush fire!

Soon, people were calling Anat for personal orders. 
Her guilt-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and on-request nut-free raw-vegan treats are far more than alternatives 
for people with food allergies. She laughs, “Yes, everything-free except the convincingly delicious taste!”

Her creations are colorful compilations and innovative raw-vegan dishes.

“My vision is to provide a fun introduction into healthy lifestyle and break the general perception of raw-vegan being unapproachable or difficult to do,” Anat says. “It’s just simply not true, and I can show you!”

She loves the educational part and knowledge she can pass on to her clients when she “cooks” (in lieu of a better word—maybe: uncooks) for them.

“They walk away with a filled, healthy tummy and they say they feel stimulated by the new 
ideas on how to turn raw foods into delicious meals,” Anat says, adding that her clients are “enriched with profound hands-on 
tips for their daily eating.”

Anat loves to help widen her clients’ culinary horizons. Having gone through countless juice and smoothie cleanses (her longest was 60 days of only green juice), she talks about the benefits and success stories of implementing healthy eating into a daily regimen. She rid herself of severe asthma, skin issues and fatigue.

Raw-vegan dish by Anat Fritz
Raw-vegan dish by Anat Fritz

“I can fill your fridge with ingredients and products that you have never heard of that will replace your conventional choices forever!”
 Anat says. 
“My style should inspire and entice people to get into it! Dip into a completely different 
concept of food prep. It is for the bold and beautiful!” she adds with a twinkle in her eye.

“Seriously, everything we need for a constructive, happy start into the day can be found 
in a balanced raw-vegan meal,” Anat continues. “If I can only help one person to think outside the box in 
terms of eating significantly healthier and collect the benefits of looking better, younger, more 
rested, energized and simply happy, I have accomplished my mission!”

Raw, unprocessed foods provide the body with important enzymes, vitamins and 
minerals that are being preserved to the fullest by not heating anything over 118 degrees
. It makes perfect sense—food which has not been deprived of any of that 
has increased ability to unfold its healing powers and satisfy the body on a cellular 

Then Anat takes care of the taste buds. As a foodie, the latter is very 
important to her. “I do want to feel great and beautiful after my dinner vs. sluggish and 
tired, but that has to go along with an excellent taste experience,” she says, explaining her 
culinary aspirations: “The lust for a delicious, healthy, conscious and happy life is the basis of my 

For example:

A raw vegan cucumber noodle with a quick basil pesto is satisfying and simple to 
prepare—just like a short lunch break requires. It leaves you full and invigorated to go 
into the second half of the day with energy and a positive mindset.

Her greatest pleasure is to provide this experience and show how amazing a natural,
 raw-vegan meal can taste. “My clients walk away with the experience that a natural raw-
vegan meal does not need to be less exiting than a conventionally cooked one,” Anat says. “And this 
is so rewarding! I have seen enough evidence throughout the years, and I know the magic is working!”

Anat looks forward to helping clients live a happier, healthier and more delicious life.

Contact her directly via email at [email protected] or visit

Try her recipe:

One of Anat’s daily treats is a cold brew latte with her own tigernut milk (unlike the misleading name, it is nut free and tastes better than almond milk!).

It may be a little surprising that she picks this recipe as one of her favorites. “It is the small things that make the change. The small things that you do on a daily basis that will make change easier,” Anat explains. “In Germany we have a saying: Der stete Tropfen höhlt den Stein. Freely translated: A steady drop makes a hole into the stone!”


The only thing you need is a high-speed blender and a nutbag, which you can get at every health food or kitchenware store.

150gr nuts of your choice (I use tigernuts). The weight is determined before soaking.

1/2 fresh vanilla bean or a pinch of vanilla powder

1 to 2 Medjool dates, depending on the grade of sweetness you require

1 dash sea salt

Nutmilk bag (can be an unused pair of tights if you can’t find a nutmilk bag)

Soak the nuts in clean, cold water overnight. Discard the water and rinse the nuts.

Transfer into the blender with the vanilla pulp / add the vanilla powder and 1 liter fresh water.

Mix on high speed and pour it through the nutbag. If you want a thicker, creamier consistency vs. milk consistency, use less water.

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