Drone Leaf Blower Operators Sought for Questioning in the Hamptons

Drone Leaf Blower
Drone Leaf Blower, Photo: imagemax, Jedsadabodin Wichai, Alexander Kolomietz/123RF

Local officials asked for help this week in determining where the drone leaf blowers currently menacing the area are coming from.

“They just show up, and nobody can tell who’s controlling them,” said Russell Fixx, chairman of the Hamptons Landscaping Regulatory Commission. “We can make as many rules about leaf blowers as we want, but if they show up by themselves with no operators, how are we supposed to enforce the rules?”

Hamptons officials and police recently banned the devices because of the dangers they might pose—especially following a series of recent accidents and incidents with regular, human-operated leaf blowers.

Following the ban, these drone leaf blowers have been popping up around the Hamptons, blowing leaves and then requesting payment for said jobs. No operators have been identified.

Fixx announced a $500 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to determining the origins of a drone leaf blower.

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