Hamptons Architecture Goes Digital in ‘The Sims 4’ Video Game

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a Hamptons-inspired house build from The Sims video game, but this “Hamptons Chic” home by Antoine, best known as Simarchitecture, does such a great job embodying the Farrell shingle-style aesthetic, we couldn’t resist.

Built using the brand new The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion pack, the massive, post-modern, 5-bedroom home features shingled exterior walls, of course, as well as the style’s signature array of gabled roofs. It has an expansive porch with doric columns, along with balconies, tower, wood floors, claw foot tubs, chair rails and wainscoting, ample hearth, crown molding, built-in shelving, bay windows—with and without cushioned seats—and various other interior and exterior design elements often seen on the South Fork.

“I mainly got to know the Hamptons architectural style through TV shows like Revenge, which was a big source of inspiration for me,” Simarchitectur tells us, noting, “I believe this is not only an architectural style but also a way of life which is really attractive to me.”

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Mixing the look and things that help define the Hamptons way of life, the home’s kitchen is well appointed with brushed steel Viking or Garland ranges, smart refrigerator and Hamptons style cabinets, counters and drawers. What could be better for a local foodie?

Even the landscaping screams “Hamptons,” with its swimming pool, manicured hedges and popular plantings, such as pale hydrangeas and purple hyacinths. Though we have to point out that, as a Frenchman, Simarchitecture doesn’t appear to know pools require a complete fence with gates to pass any sort of inspection in these parts.

Simarchitecture’s artwork choices feel right as well. He’s put up a nice collection of abstract expressionist works and 19th century sailboat, nautical and landscape paintings that easily could have been purchased at Wallace Gallery in East Hampton. The house also has just the sort of vintage accents—such as an antique map and kitchen signage—you’d find in a dwelling like this. At about 13:05 in the video, the builder considers a large fish-adorned piece that looks like vintage local signage, but he chooses something else, unfortunately. It was right on the money.

Still, overall, Simarchitecture does an excellent job of recreating the Hamptons style—and the creator lives on the other side of the Atlantic!

“All the objects are based on the seaside theme, or the Hamptons style, and I just love that. It is so soft, so cozy…all what I was looking for,” Simarchitectur says in the video, adding, “A bit old fashioned I must say, but this is really a style that I enjoy.”

You can support Simarchitectur at his Patreon site patreon.com/simarchitecture.

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