Police Seize Over 1 Million Doses of Fentanyl in Mastic Beach Raid

Photo: stocksolutions/123RF

U.S. drug enforcement authorities raided a home on the East End and confiscated more than 1 million doses of fentanyl two weeks ago. This is a drug originally developed for veterinarians to knock out a horse or other large animal. Reportedly, three milligrams of fentanyl will put a 20,000-pound elephant to sleep. It’s that powerful.

It’s now being used as a drug of choice for addicts around the country and has overtaken heroin. No one expects to die from it when they take this powerful opioid, but they sure do. Nearly 60,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016. As for the fentanyl, according to CBS New York, Tim Sini, the Suffolk County Police Commissioner, said that these 1 million doses were enough to kill hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Arrested at this house on Edwards Avenue in Mastic Beach were Corey Robinson, 24, Thomas Moore, 41, and Daequane Rickenbacker, 25. Also confiscated, police said, were 7,400 rounds of ammunition, a 2007 Mercedes Benz and two cell phones. The fentanyl came from China.

When the police came, the authorities said, Moore released a dog on a chain that began to charge at the officers. It had to be shot, but is now recovering in an animal hospital nearby.

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