Now in Water Mill, Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ Season 2 Still Brings the Crazy

Summer House Season 2 group selfie
Summer House Season 2 group selfie, Photo: Bravo (trailer screengrab)

Season 2 of Bravo’s Summer House is about to begin! The locally controversial, Hamptons-set reality show, which concluded its debauched first season last March, returns in a new location—it moved from Napeague to Water Mill—new cast members, and more focus on the gang’s “work hard, play hard” dynamic.

Bravo released the first Season 2 trailer on Wednesday and it appears some things haven’t changed: There’s no shortage of drunken misbehavior, hookups or drama in the hormone-drenched share house.

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The original crew is back: Kyle CookeLauren WirkusCarl RadkeLindsay Hubbard and Stephen McGee all return, along with new housemates Amanda BatulaDanielle Olivera and Amit Neuman.

One of last year’s leads, Lauren’s newly married twin sister Ashley Wirkus, has moved to San Diego with her husband, so she’ll only appear as a visitor this year, not a full-fledged cast member. This is the first time the twins have lived so far apart in 28 years, and Bravo says the erstwhile housemate is “dealing with a serious case of FOMO—for our older readers: That means “Fear Of Missing Out.”

And Ashley isn’t the only one who’s made big life changes. Chief party boy, Kyle, is officially in a relationship with Amanda and she joins him at the house this season. Lauren is no longer hooking up with Carl, but their simmering sexual tension is still complicating matters at the house, especially with another of Carl’s former lovers staying there.

Carl finds himself in a tricky situation after Kyle brilliantly decides to invite his ex, Danielle, to stay at the house. A “fun-loving Puerto Rican girl from Hoboken” and self-proclaimed “guy’s girl,” Danielle is no stranger to the Hamptons. She’s been spending summers out east for a long time, but she’s left her usual share house to turn things upside down in Water Mill.

Meanwhile, newly single Lindsay is working incredibly hard for her business in the city, so weekends on the East End are all about letting loose in a big way. Stephen, on the other hand, is looking for love this summer—and it appears he finds it, or something like it—but he must first confront his conservative family about being gay.

New houseguest Amanda is excited to spend the summer with Kyle, but after his tempest of drunken insanity last year, she wonders if the life of the party can be responsible enough to maintain a committed relationship. Amanda is a hardworking, career-driven senior graphic designer and art director who loves the Hamptons for relaxing and enjoying time with friends. And while Kyle has definitely grown up some, he has a long way to go.

Another new guy, Carl’s friend Amit is just looking to have a good time after making major life changes. He recently quit a corporate insurance job, traveled the world, and then moved back home to NYC. Now Amit has a few start-ups in the works.

With all the girlfriends, boyfriends and exes, Bravo added fuel to an already crackling fire this season, and by the look of the trailer, it paid off. Expect more inebriated stupidity, more hurt feelings, more tantrums and, just for fun, more insight into the cast members’ work lives.

It should be a fun ride.

Bravo’s Summer House Season 2 airs Monday, January 22 at 10 p.m.

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