Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Carol Luz Paints New Dogs for Christmas

December 22, 2017 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Carol Luz
December 22, 2017 Dan’s Papers cover art (detail) by Carol Luz

You might recall a Dan’s Papers cover from only three months ago with two Jack Russell terriers, Judy and Elroy, in a yellow convertible, ocean breeze blowing through their fur, driving themselves to the beach (it was beach weather three months ago). Well, Carol Luz, who grew up in East Quogue and attended Westhampton Beach High School before studying at FIT in New York City, is back on the cover with the same style but a different set of automobile-driving pooches. Luz is now the Editor Business Director at Hearst Magazines—a busy job, no doubt—but still makes time for her art and for Dan’s.

Carol Luz with Judy and Elroy
Carol Luz with Judy and Elroy

Who are these dogs and where are Judy and Elroy!?
These cuties are Max and Lucy, friends of Judy and Elroy. Owning a small farm on the East End, they supply their friends and family with organic vegetables, pumpkins and Christmas Trees. Everyone loves Max and Lucy’s farm. It’s always a fun time. Speaking of a fun time, Judy and Elroy are most likely getting schnockered on eggnog right now.

What’s your favorite part of winter on the East End?
Shopping at all the great local holiday fairs. I love shopping for one-of-a-kind gifts.

What are you happiest to leave behind in 2017?
I had a very good 2017. I’m very grateful. I was on two covers of Dan’s Papers in 2017!

And what are you most looking forward to in the new year?
I’m looking forward to more covers in 2018! And hopefully a trip to Portugal….

What advice do you have for an artist trying to juggle art and professional life?
Be as organized as possible! Schedule a certain time every week or day to do your art. Keep lists of the things you want to do.

Do you have a routine when it comes to getting to your creative work?
I always paint on Saturday mornings with a group of friends at a local studio. It’s a nice environment, where we support each other and each other’s work. It’s helpful to have others to share ideas with.

If you could place Judy and Elroy in one painting from history, which would it be?
Well, anyone who is someone would have a Warhol portrait of themselves. Judy and Elroy are famous, you know, according to them. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” would be a nice painting to place them in. They could be zooming around the stars in a little spaceship, just like the Jetsons!

Where can our readers see your work?
You can find my work on my website, carolluzart.com, and at the Hampton House in Westhampton Beach. I can be contacted at [email protected].

December 22, 2017 Dan's Papers cover art by Carol Luz
December 22, 2017 Dan’s Papers cover art by Carol Luz

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