Partington ‘Blurs’ Artistic Lines

Miles Partington’s Shelf Life


Tripoli Gallery in Southampton presents “Where, where is the town,” a debut solo exhibition for Southampton artist Miles Partington that pieces together a tale of the artist’s thoughts. Blurring the lines between sculptures and paintings, the exhibit demonstrates the progression of his work over the years.

Many of Partington’s sculptures are built within dioramas, using materials like plywood, Apoxie Clay, concrete, cardboard, cloth, yarn, and other found objects. A lot of his work, which creates a miniature yet familiar world, is a collection of animals as well as human characters. Subjects such as a lone bird, an aging whale, a timeless shopkeeper, a little deer, and a jousting knight make up the show.

From ancient to modern subjects, viewers are taken on a tour through Partington’s world. From the front to the back room of the gallery, visitors are transformed from observers to participants, as the pieces leap in scale from miniature to life-sized beings.

The show also features painted and sculpted self-portraits, as well as animated paintings of letters and words. The exhibit aims to not only blur the lines between sculpture and painting, but also the lines between reality and fantasy, past and present, and human and animal.

Partington, who grew up on the East End, was surrounded by art from a young age. He interned for sculptor William King in 1996. His most recent exhibitions include “Take Me Where Real Animals Are Playing” at Art Space 98 in East Hampton, and “Motion Art Show” at Ashawagh Hall in Springs.

In 2016, his work was included in “East End Collected 2” at the Southampton Arts Center, as well as in “UnCommon” at Ashawagh Hall, where he was a featured artist.

Partington has exhibited at Tripoli Gallery in the past. His work was included in the “Thanksgiving Collective 2012: Modern Salon,” and, more recently, in the gallery’s fundraiser exhibition “Love Isabela: A Puerto Rico Fundraiser.”

An opening reception for “Where, where is the town” will be held on Saturday from 5 to 7 PM. The exhibit will run through April 2.

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