Comics and PR People Discuss Louis CK’s Return to Public Life

Louis CK in 2016
Louis CK in 2016, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

Shelter Islander Louis CK‘s recent bad behavior toward women was a career destroying scandal, but a recent article from The Hollywood Reporter looks at how the disgraced superstar could forge his way back into the good graces of American comedy fans. Public relations experts and fellow comedians seem to differ on exactly how this feat could be accomplished, though both agree it’s possible.

Ever since The New York Times reported that CK had brought female comics back to his dressing room and performed lewd acts in front of them without consent, the former standup giant has virtually disappeared from public life. That, of course, includes performing his once massively popular standup, which had even made it to Guild Hall in East Hampton.

But THR reports that most agree CK’s behavior, while abhorrent, did not go as far as Harvey Weinstein, who will likely never quite recover from the backlash. “I don’t think people want this to be a life sentence,” Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman told THR.

Eileen Koch of the PR firm Eileen Koch & Company, said CK just needs to give a “sincere apology,” but one that he truly means, rather than a ploy to get his career back. Koch told THR CK should go on a “serious program like 60 Minutes” rather than dealing with the issue in his comedy act.

Fellow comics, however, disagree. Christopher Titus told THR CK should avoid what they called “mea culpa interviews,” noting, “He needs to work on his best comedy about how he was a douche and how he is trying to make amends to women.”

Another comic, Sean Patton, agreed, telling THR, “The only way he comes back is if he heals—he should do an hour special that breaks down why it was wrong and how he’s made amends.”

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