Alec Baldwin, De Niro Play Trump, Mueller, Sopranos Style, on SNL Finale

Fifth-time father and Amagansett resident Alec Baldwin took the evening away from his new baby boy to do one more Donald Trump impersonation in the cold open for Saturday Night Live’s Season 43 finale. He was joined by guest stars, including Ben Stiller and Montauk’s Robert De Niro along with SNL cast members in a scene parodying the last moments of The Sopranos series finale.

The cold open takes place in Holsten’s Restaurant—the set does a good job of mimicking The Sopranos scene—and puts Baldwin’s Trump in the role of Tony Soprano, following the general action and pace of the HBO series’ much discussed conclusion. He puts Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” on the table’s jukebox, but instead of his wife entering, Trump is joined by his bumbling attorneys—Hamptonite Rudy Giuliani, played by Kate McKinnon, and Stiller reprising his role as Michael Cohen.

SNL Season 43 finale cold open
SNL Season 43 finale cold open, Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Giuliani tells Trump he went on Fox News last night “like 20 times,” adding, “Don’t worry, I told them you were openly colluding with Russia, but then I ended with ‘So what!'” He goes on to say, “I even confessed to some crimes you didn’t do. Then I said, ‘What are you gonna do, arrest the president? I dare ya!'”

Stiller’s hangdog Cohen joins them at the table and sadly says he’s preparing to go to jail. “They said I might get 20 years unless I give you up,” he says. To which Trump replies, “I heard jail’s fun.”

McKinnon’s Giuliani chimes in, “They even have programs in jail where you can get a real law degree.”

Taking a line from Tony Soprano’s son A.J. in the HBO show’s finale, Stiller’s Cohen says, “You gotta focus on the good times, isn’t that what you once told me, boss?”

SNL Season 43 finale cold open
Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Like Tony, Trump doesn’t remember, so Cohen says, “Yeah. Remember? That’s why you told me to keep a copy of that Russian pee tape.” Giuliani chimes in again, adding, “I gotta remember to show that as a clip on CNN tomorrow—Don Lemon’s gonna love that.”

Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) also comes in and sits next to his father—a spot not filled in the actual Sopranos finale—while Eric Trump (Alex Moffat), in the Meadow Soprano role, is stuck outside trying to parallel park his big wheel.

As the group talks more, De Niro as Mueller enters, serving as a stand-in for Tony’s killer, and Baldwin’s Trump gets increasingly nervous after noticing him. The Special Counsel passes Trump’s table on the way to the bathroom and gives the President the universal “I’ve got my eye on you gesture,” which De Niro perfected in his and Stiller’s Meet the Parents films.

Then the music stops and the screen goes black, just like The Sopranos, before all the actors reappear and deliver the final “Live from New York it’s Saturday Night” of Season 43.

The SNL Season 43 final cold open
The SNL Season 43 final cold open, Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Tina Fey hosted the episode featuring musical guest Nicki Minaj and more than a dozen special guest stars and celebrity cameos. The show even poked fun at their abundance of star power when Fey did a Q&A for her opening monologue and Amagansett’s Jerry Seinfeld appeared to ask, “Do you think the show has too many celebrity cameos these days?”

Other celebrity guests included John GoodmanDonald Glover, Benedict Cumberbatch (of Patrick Melrose), Chris Rock, Anne Hathaway and Fred Armisen. Montauker Colin Jost did his weekly Weekend Update sketch with Michael Che.

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