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Over the years, at numerous gyms, I’ve been pitched to more times than Aaron Judge when it comes to “free personal training sessions.” None of them ever seemed to really understand my needs, and I was the one striking out. Then I came across celebrity trainer Rich Decker one summer morning with Indy’s associate publisher Jessica Mackin.

For some reason or another, we thought it’d be a great idea to do a boot camp class at 9 AM on a Sunday, and he was the trainer. By the end of the hour, I was sore and wanting to do it again. Fast forward to today, and he has turned into my go-to trainer, thus far helping me reach my goals one “Decker Method” at a time.

Define the Decker Method.
The trilogy of fitness — mind, body, and spirit. I work to improve clients’ functional foundational strength in all areas. It’s the only 24/7, 365 days a year facility on the East End, and the only outdoor fitness obstacle course here as well.

When did you open your company? What inspired it?
The Decker Method was originally Studio 89, which I opened in 2009. I’ve been doing fitness and training for 27 years. My ingrain has always been to stay healthy physically and seriously, while helping others obtain their goals of the same desires. I am certified as an American Muscle & Fitness personal trainer, an AMFPT strength coach, Les Mills flow instructor, and in CPR.

What’s a common workout mistake people make and your advice?
People lift too heavy and don’t focus on movement to ensure the proper muscles fire.

Talk about the connection of mind-body-soul.
The body is the shell to the soul, while the mind is the tool. While using the mind, our subconscious remembers the findings that serve us daily. When we think, we disconnect the feeling that came from the soul. It’s how we feel that we reveal.

How do you incorporate wellness into your everyday life?
I personally meditate daily, maintain a health-conscious diet, and exercise three days a week for 45 minutes. Less is more. The key really comes down to moderation in all we do.

Was there a particular moment that spurred this wellness journey?
My older brother Jay brought me to the gym for the first time when I was 14 years old. Ever since then, I’ve been involved in fitness.

The spiritual journey has been since my mid-20s as life challenged everything about what I was taught to believe. I became aware that it’s not what we’re taught, but what we know. There’s a huge difference, as we are all unique and have our own knowledge.

How do you recommend getting the perfect beach body? 
To get that beach body, amp up your resistance training. We burn more calories lifting weights. Then, on lifting off-days, do fast burn cardio — this is when we keep our heart rate under 80 percent of its max. The formula for that is subtract your age from 220, then multiply by 80 percent. That’s the number you want to stay under.

Eighty percent of your results comes from nutrition. I suggest five snacks meals daily with carbs up until 2 PM, then clean protein — fish, chicken, legumes, and grilled veggies — from 2 PM forward. So, good consistent exercise and proper nutritional awareness will get you the beach body you desire. And always meditate.

With the celebratory weekend(s) ahead, how does alcohol consumption affect our fitness goals? Your tips?
While enjoying yourself, stay hydrated. Alternate one drink — one glass of water should do the trick. As for mixers, use club soda, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice. Stay away from sugary mixers.

What’s next for decker method?
Access to my personal training at the Decker Method is available now for more [people], as I’m opening up to training five clients together. So, more can experience what it is to be of sound mind, body, and spirit while having fun.

The Decker Method is located on 89 Clay Pit Road in Sag Harbor. Personal training sessions are available for up to five clients at a time, fitting in fun while connecting mind, body and spirit. Learn more about pricing and additional classes at or call 631-899-4310.

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