Green Is The New Black

Remember Me Green is taking eco fashion to new heights by repurposing New York City billboards destined for the landfill and transforming them into wearable art. Imagine marveling at the ad campaigns in iconic Times Square while holding onto a very piece of such historic energy in the form of a tote, wine bag, or zipper pouch. Now, trendsetters across the globe can take a piece of the Big Apple with them wherever they go.

Incorporated in 2012, Remember Me Green has its roots on Long Island. Founded by Long Island native Jillian Brown, the company is run by a handful of dedicated employees out of its Bay Shore manufacturing facility, which opened in 2016.

“I’m passionate about preserving the environment and wanted to create a business that would help reduce waste and provide customers with a stylish, eco-friendly product,” Brown, the company’s CEO, explained. “When I found out about how billboards are most commonly thrown into landfills and that they’re made from vinyl [a form of non-biodegradable plastic], I knew I wanted to find a way to repurpose the material. I’ve always loved handbags, accessories, and a good challenge, and Remember Me Green came to life!”

Each piece is one-of-a kind and made from durable, weatherproof vinyl, ideal for going from brunch to the beach and everywhere in between. Once the billboards are attained, typically sized at 14-by-48 feet, the most interesting piece of the former ad is preserved before being stenciled, cut, cleaned, and sewn together. Once completed, the totes are adorned with soft prima cotton rope handles which are hand-woven and twisted, making them both stylish and strong. The discarded pieces from production are then made into the mailer bags that ship customer purchases.

With several different sizes and designs, totes and accessories come with pockets and zippers, perfect for carrying makeup, books, laptops, bottles and more. For those wanting an even more individualized product, customizable options are available and a backpack style is expected to be released later in the year.

“Instead of marveling at the lights and billboards, I see the potential for awesome bags,” said Brown. “Seeing how huge the billboards really are in comparison to the humans walking beneath them inspires me to want to repurpose as many billboards as possible to keep these massive pieces of plastic out of landfills.”

The company dedicates every part of the process to sustainability. Plastic silverware is banned from the office, and furniture is craftily created, with repurposed pallets serving as desks and wire spools used as tables. “More than anything, I want to teach people that just because something seems like waste doesn’t mean we should waste it. Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s the oldest three-word alliteration in the book, but it’s so true and something I’m so passionate about,” explained Brown. Today, green is the new black. “Giving back to a good cause should always be trending! Going green is timeless.”

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