My Hamptons: Quincy Davis – Pro Surfer, Shopkeeper, World Traveler

Quincy Davis PR shot on beach in bikini
Quincy Davis, Photo: Courtesy Quincy Davis

Living in Montauk, Quincy Davis’s family was always surfing. Quincy started in the waves when she was 7 and was winning sponsorships by the age of 12. Since then, she’s never stopped, hitting waves in Australia, Indonesia, Mexico and the Maldives.

This summer, her popup, Quincy, is selling surfer-girl merch (think sweaters, boho-chic dresses and trendy beauty products) in the middle of downtown Montauk.

Behind the Hedges: You’re a Montauk native. Do you think you’d have gotten into surfing if you grew up in the city?

Quincy Davis: I don’t think so. Growing up in Montauk, surrounded by the water, played a huge part in learning to surf. My family all surf; it’s our lifestyle.

BTH: Where’s the most exotic place you’ve ever surfed?

QD: Tahiti. The water color is insane and the mountains are so huge and lush, it’s surreal.

Quincy Davis surfing
Quincy Davis surfing, Photo: Courtesy Quincy Davis

BTH: Who’s your surfing idol?

QD: Lisa Anderson and Stephanie Gilmore. Lisa is an OG and from the East Coast, but both of their styles are so graceful but strong.

BTH: If you could snap your fingers and instantly have another career, what would be your dream job?

QD: A performer. I wish I had a good voice!

BTH: As for your personal style, do you have a Hamptons “uniform?”

QD: Hater Blockers! Ha! No, I do not, other than a bikini and something easy to throw on over that, like a flowy dress, oversized sunglasses and slide-on Vans.

BTH: When you’re at home in Montauk, where do you like to eat?

QD: Happy Bowls—my brother Tyler’s place—for breakfast! Crow’s Nest and Harvest on Fort Pond for dinner.

BTH: What’s your most treasured possession?

QD: My grandma’s ring. It’s a diamond. She passed a year ago, and I always remember her wearing it, and it reminds me of her.

Quincy Davis, Dan's ClambakeMTK at Gurney's Montauk Ambassador of Taste
Quincy Davis, Photo: Courtesy Quincy Davis

BTH: Describe your perfect day on the East End.

QD: Wake up, coffee at home with my boyfriend, check the waves and stop by my new store, Quincy. Then I get an açai bowl at Happy Bowls. I head to the beach with lunch and snacks; surf all day until I can’t paddle anymore. Then I’d have a beach BBQ with my friends and family.

That’s a perfect day, but owning a store now means a lot of my time is spent in the shop. I love it, though. We have great salesgirls and always have fun together. I also love merchandising the space and when we host events. It’s so different from how I used to spend my summer days, but again the store reflects my life in the water, so I always have a little beach with me.

BTH: What do you sell in your shop?

QD: Swimwear, jewelry, clean beauty. A lot of comfy sweatshirts. The kind of things I like!

BTH: If you could have anyone at your Hamptons dinner party (dead or alive) who would you invite?

QD: Rihanna! She seems like she’s always having a good time.

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