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Andy Cohen Pulled Onstage and Serenaded by the Backstreet Boys

Here's hoping they make the Shelter Islander the official sixth member.

On October 27, Shelter Island resident Andy Cohen was attending a Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas when he got “invited” onstage to sing and dance along to Shape of My Heart. How was your weekend?

Cohen described the entire experience on his Monday morning radio show, Radio Andy, “So we were all singing at the top of our lungs, and then, imagine my shock when The Shape of [My] Heart comes on and AJ [McLean] comes out into the audience, grabs me and is like ‘you’re coming with me.’” Cohen explained how the euphoria from singing that song in the audience prepared him for that moment more than anything. McLean had offered Cohen the mic but he wasn’t willing to “fall into that trap” and refused.

The song ended with McLean getting on his knees and offering Cohen a rose, much to the recipient’s blushing surprise. Cohen couldn’t believe he restrained himself so well during the serenade, “I am so glad that I didn’t, like, jump up and down like a young girl, which is how I felt.” For him, the concert itself was such a grand production that it would have been enough for him, but being up on that stage, serenaded by the iconic ’90s boy band left him “walking on air.”


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I’m totally a Backstreet Boy now! #ShapeOfMyHeart

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On October 28, Cohen posted a video of his life-changing experience with the caption “I’m totally a Backstreet Boy now!” as well as a photo of him posing with the group in a classic boy band album cover pose to prove it.


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Oddly enough, this was not the first time Cohen had been pulled onstage during a Las Vegas concert. On July 23, Cohen was made to walk on all fours while being lightly bull-whipped by Britney Spears. He posted a video and a few photos of the life-changing moment on his Instagram, but you’ll have to find those yourself.

The most embarrassing part of that experience was that Spears seemingly forgot the name of the man she had just whipped. Spears turned to the crowd and said, “I think you all know who this is…Give it up for him!” as Cohen walked off stage. Although he was too excited to let that detail enter his stream of consciousness. “I didn’t hear any of this. I was too freaked out and excited and living my best life to notice that Britney maybe Mariah-ed me,” he explained on Radio Andy.

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