Hamptons Real Estate By the Numbers: October 2018

Sack of sugar with October 2018 real estate numbers from Hedges Index
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Our sister site and monthly magazine, Behind the Hedges (BehindtheHedges.com), offers an index of Hamptons real estate and more by the numbers for October 2018. Read these tidbits and factoids, and be satisfied knowing a little bit more than most about East End properties, history and more. Or, store them deep in your brain now and impress friends and colleagues at cocktail parties later.

Price paid for Shelter Island in 1651: 1,600 pounds of sugar

Highest asking price for a property on Shelter Island in 2018: $9.75 million

Pounds of sugar you can buy for $9.75 million in 2018: 12,187,500


Price paid for Robins Island in 1881: $22,000

Price paid for Robins Island in 1979: $1.3 million

Price paid for Robins Island in 1993: $11 million


Price paid for Little Gull Island and Great Gull Island by U.S. government in 1803: $800

Price paid for Great Gull Island by American Museum of Natural History in 1949: $1

Price paid for Little Gull Island lighthouse by Connecticut businessman Fred Plumb in 2012: $381,000


Price paid for Plum Island by Samuel Willis III, son of the governor of Connecticut in 1659:
1 coat, 1 barrel of biscuits and 100 fishhooks

Price paid for Plum Island in by U.S. government in 1899: $90,000

Asking price for Plum Island in 2013 (sale currently blocked by legislation): $50 million–$80 million

Get more Hamptons real estate numbers and scoops at BehindtheHedges.com.

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