Madonna Places Ad Seeking World-Traveling Kosher Chef

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Bridgehamptonite Madonna is offering up a chance to become an integral part of her everyday life. On October 24, Daily Mail reported that the pop icon posted an ad on the Talent Private Staff website for a private chef, offering a salary of £85,000–£110,000 ($109,100–$141,190) a year. The job entails cooking kosher meals for her and her six kids, as well as traveling to her London, Lisbon, Portugal and New York residences when needed.

The anonymous ad, which has since been taken down, reads: This is a London based position, with a Chef in place at U.S. residences (however, you must be willing to travel to the U.S. when required). To be suitable for this role, you must have knowledge of kosher cooking. The Principal does not run a kosher kitchen (separate equipment for meat/dairy etc.), but you must be familiar with all the basic rules (no dairy and meat served together, no pork, fish must have fins and scales—no swordfish, shellfish etc.)

The ad also specifies that Madonna isn’t looking for a fine dining chef; she just wants healthy, simple food for her family. They enjoy Italian, American, Japanese and classic European cuisine, but risotto is her personal favorite.

On October 26, Madonna posted an Instagram video, with the caption, “Who wants to be my new Chef………? S**t is getting crazy out here.” The video was seemingly sent to her from Jeremy Johnson, cofounder of Too Faced Cosmetics, and also showed his husband and fellow cofounder Jerrod Blandino, lying down on the beach. In it, Johnson lists all the reasons why he should be her new chef. For one thing, he knows how to make cookies “from the package,” admittedly a pretty good deal. He added the disclaimer that he only travels with his husband and their dog, Clover.

Although, if she passes on him, that means the job is still open. Do you have what it takes to be Madonna’s private chef?

In other Madonna news, October 25 was the 24th anniversary of her album, Bedtime Stories. To commemorate the special day, she tweeted a picture of the 1994 album cover, asking the question, “How would you describe this album in one word?”

Her upcoming, still untitled album is scheduled for a 2019 release.

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