Cosmo Weems Takes Teardrop Trailer Camping at Hither Hills in Montauk

You just can’t help but like Cosmo Weems. This retirement-age YouTuber takes his teardrop trailer camping all over the place in his increasingly popular series of videos, and while the audio or video aren’t always perfect, he never fails to drop some knowledge and entertain during his excursions.

Cosmo recently took his signature trailer to Hither Hills in Montauk, where he shared some thoughts and trivia about the local great white shark nursery offshore, Frank Mundus’ famous catch, the need to make reservations “way in advance” (smart advice for any potential campers), and the art of techno camping (technomads) and staying connected, if one needs to work while enjoying nature.

The weather didn’t quite cooperate—including 47 mph winds, rain and the remnants of Hurricane Michael—but Cosmo still managed to enjoy himself and share pearls of wisdom like, “If you’re happy everywhere else you go, you’ll be happy here. And if you’re unhappy everywhere else you go, you’ll be unhappy here, too.”

They also eat lobster rolls at The Clam Bar in Napeague and visit the Montauk Lighthouse.

This old-timer knows how to live.

Watch more of Cosmo Weems’ videos.

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