Top 5 Funniest 2018 ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skits Featuring East Enders

Saturday Night Live has been on air for 44 seasons and with the help of East End talent, this year has brought some incredibly relevant and memorable sketches that we’re still laughing at. Here are our Top 5 SNL sketches of 2018.

5. Donald Trump Meets Kanye West
Picture a parody of the iconic meeting between the president, played once again by Alec Baldwin, Kanye West (Chris Redd) and Jim Brown (Kenan Thompson). Hilarious! Now add the internal monologues of Trump and Brown and you get a timeless sketch that’s so insane it has to be true. Featured image photo credit: Will Heath/NBC

4. Robert Mueller Interrogates Michael Cohen
With Ben Stiller playing Cohen and Robert de Niro as Mueller it would be wrong not to do a Meet the Parents parody, complete with a lie detector test and a discussion about nipples.

3. Amy Schumer on Mother’s Day
Childbirth is one of the hardest things human beings go through in life, and the show managed to brilliantly juxtapose the horror movie that is childbirth with the serene image of a child bringing his mother breakfast on Mother’s Day.

2. The Worst Kind of Freudian Slip
Liev Schreiber plays a plucky reporter interviewing a pair of twins who are partners in investing. However, a slip of the tongue from the female anchor lends to the phrase “Incest Twins” and naturally the innocent interview that follows becomes littered with double entendres and innuendos.

1. The Five Timers Club
On his fifth time hosting the show, Jonah Hill was invited to the “Five Timers Lounge” where Tina Fey and Hamptonites Candice Bergen and Drew Barrymore were waiting to accept him. As a guy, he’s lucky he got in at all.

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