Alex Rodriguez Teases JLo Fan Who Swears He Looks Familiar

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

Apparently, Alex Rodriguez isn’t quite as recognizable as his significant other, Jennifer Lopez.

On January 16, Rodriguez posted a video to Instagram of himself at a gym making conversation with a patron who could swear he looks just like “the guy that JLo is dating.” After a quick search on her smartphone the woman confirms the name, “Yeah, A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez,” so he decides to take advantage of the golden opportunity before him—much like he did when he pranked Lopez with a mentalist. “You’re kidding me,” he says. “And it looks like me?” She pulled up a photo to prove it, encouraging Rodriguez to go even further into the game.


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What a tool…

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“Well, first off,” he said, “I would never wear pajamas that goofy. I mean, what a tool!” The woman then pulls up a nicer photo, to which he admits, “Oh, that guy is handsome.” Doubtful, she looks at him more closely and asks if it really is him. “It can’t be,” he says before finally dropping the act and reaching out to shake her hand.

The gym is located in California, far from his homes in Water Mill, New York City and Miami. Page Six reports, Rodriguez has been teaching at the Stanford Graduate School of Business with former producer of The View Allison Kluger. The former Yankee is imparting his knowledge of reputation management, gained from years of business successes and failures, on a classroom of students.


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Look who showed up for class today? Guess what the subject was? ????

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On January 11, Rodriguez shared a group photo to Instagram captioned, “Look who showed up for class today? Guess what the subject was?” The mysterious visitor was none other than the beautiful Lopez, seen posing with the crowd (she’s easier to recognize than he is). While it’s unclear how long he’ll be teaching, the students are lucky to have such a fun spirit in the classroom.

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