Clearing Out The Negative Energy


Sometimes our minds and chakras (energy points on the spinal column connected to various organs within the body) need love and attention. Most important, they need the ability to cleanse and clear the negative energy we’re potentially hoarding. That’s where Vinyasa Yoga instructor Jackie Mazzarella, came up with a solution: Zen Box. The box carries self-care essentials in a small, easy to pick up container for only $40 and ships for free, containing items to declutter and destress.

What products can be found inside a Zen Box?

Sage, energy stones, candles, aroma therapy. I’m sticking to those items for now, but plan to expand into others later.

How’d you come up with the idea?

I noticed these were the particular items that helped me achieve peacefulness and a great self-care routine. I wanted to share that experience with others and the idea came to me.

Where can potential clients find them?

My social media accounts. @JackieMazzarella.

Where are the boxes made and where can they be sent?

That’s the easy part of the business. I make them at home and they can be sent anywhere!

What products do you use daily to feel Zen or to ground yourself?

Honestly, everything I put into the Zen Box. What you’ll find in the box is exactly what I use personally.

Do you have a mantra that you repeat during particularly stressful times?

I tune in carefully to my inner being. It always tells me the truth. The question it often asks me is simply: “Is this for your higher good?” If not, I remove it and watch the stressful situation fade away.

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