Colin Jost and Michael Che Join Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35

We’re far from experts on the testosterone-fueled, soap-operatic world of professional wrestling, but we recently learned that one thing’s for certain: Montauker and Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host Colin Jost is going to get his butt whooped at the WWE’s WrestleMania 35 on April 7! Jost’s fellow Weekend Update host Michael Che will join him in the fray.

Here’s how it went down:

Jost and Che were scheduled to be guest correspondents at WrestleMania, essentially the WWE’s Super Bowl, but during their appearances on the show, Jost managed to get himself in hot water with the scariest wrestler around. For some reason, the 6-foot 8-inch monster wrestler Braun Strowman—known for flipping over trucks and defeating tag teams by himself—has a big beef with Jost because the comedian questioned whether wrestling is real, and he wore a New York Mets hat (?!?!) to WWE Monday Night Raw in Philadelphia this month. We’re still not sure why Strowman would be so mad that Jost wore a NY hat to Philly, but OK. The scene ended with the superstar choking Jost.

Then, later, Jost sent Strowman a brand new car as an apologetic olive branch, but the WWE superstar demolished it and threatened the SNL comics.

Things just got uglier, and downright deadly for Jost this week, when he and Che (a huge WWE fan) appeared via satellite on Monday Night Raw, supposedly to apologize to Strowman, and instead raised the beast’s ire even further. During the “Moment of Bliss” part of the show, hosted by WWE Diva Alexa Bliss, Jost said he made a “dumb mistake” by donning a Mets hat, but then smugly put on a Yankees cap, which enraged the wrestler for reasons we still don’t understand.

Jost went on to mention that he put in his Twitter bio that he wanted to be a mentor to Strowman, adding, “I was being sincere, OK? I went to Harvard. My parents paid millions of dollars to get me on the women’s cross country team at Harvard, so I really think that there are a few things I can teach a monster like you, like how to chew food or how to read a newspaper or how to do your taxes.”

Now fuming, Strowman silently listened as Jost continued digging his own grave, asking that Strowman pay him back for the ruined car “with interest” and that he “get me an autograph from my favorite wrestler Brock Lesner,” who is, of course, the big man’s most hated rival.

After a bit more talk, Strowman said Jost had to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania or he would attack him outside the ring, where his fate with surely be sealed. Che quickly signed Jost up for the match, but then Jost signed Che up as well.

As Bliss said, “It is official, Michael Che and Colin Jost are in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania!”

It sounds like fun.

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