Hamptons Star Wars Festival Ends in Spacecraft Chaos

Star Wars stormtrooper cosplayer
Photo: morris71/123RF

Police descended on the site of a Star Wars reenactment festival in North Sea last Sunday, after receiving calls from participants about potential violence. What they found under the tent was mayhem, brought about by a dispute over rules governing the proceedings.

“This wasn’t just a bunch of guys dressed up like their favorite Star Wars characters,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch says. “These guys had brought very sophisticated miniature ‘spacecraft’ to reenact the epic space battles featured in the Star Wars films.” According to Hirsch, the miniature ‘spacecraft,’ which were actually radio-controlled drones, included scale replicas of the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, and numerous X-wing fighters. “We’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of painstakingly crafted, working models.”

Apparently, some of the participants had ignored instructions not to use actual laser rays or other live ammunition in the course of the reenactments. “We don’t have a good read on who might have crossed the line first,” says Hirsch. “But when some participants started having their expensive drones shot out of the air, it seems all hell broke loose.”

Accusations of foul play flew back and forth, and some participants came to blows. “When we showed up, we had to break up several fights, and we treated a couple of people for minor injuries,” Hirsch adds.

The festival organizers closed down operations for the day, but said they plan to regroup next year.

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