A Nod To Science And Technology

The North Fork TV Festival is partnering with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for the inaugural Alfred P. Sloan Science + Tech Pilot Script Competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage screenwriters to produce stories of science and technology. It aims to push the envelope about the current stereotypes surrounding scientists and engineers.

Writers have been encouraged to submit pilot plots for a television series steeped in science and technology before Friday, May 27. Entries will then reach the hands of award-winning director Elias Plagianos, who will work alongside creators and turn the script, chosen by a panel of independent judges, into a pilot, which will then premiere at this year’s festival in October. The judges will be comprised of successful television professionals and accomplished individuals in the science and tech fields.

The not-for-profit foundation was founded in 1934 as a means to further, support, educate, engage, and promote impartial scientific endeavors. Doron Weber directs the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Public Understanding Program of Science and Technology, supporting various media forms with the goal of reaching a wider audience. The foundation supports grants in science, technology, and economic performance with over 600 film projects with popular screenplay organizations such as Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute, San Francisco Film, the Black List, the Athena Film Festival, and Film Independent, in addition to annual awards.

“We are delighted to partner with the North Fork TV Festival to support the most talented writers who integrate science and technology themes or characters into episodic storytelling,” said Weber. “From ‘CSI’ to ‘Silicon Valley,’ from ‘Numb3rs’ to ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ — and from drama to comedy and every genre in between — science and technology offer a goldmine for the golden age of television writing.”

Being held at the Historic Greenport Theatre October 4 to 5 for the fourth year running, the North Fork TV Festival celebrates the evolution of television, both mainstream and independent, bringing together the minds of actors, executives, writers, and directors.

Scripts cannot include science fiction or fantasy, must be between 15 and 48 pages in length, and can be submitted at www.northfork.tv/submit-a-script.

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