Foster Has Sharp Intuition

In being completely transparent, I’ll say it. I don’t know if acupuncture works.

It could be due to the fact that in my trial experience, I only had a total of eight needles in me for a shortened period of 10 to 15 minutes. Perhaps acupuncture requires more frequency to feel the full effects.

However, what I can say with certainty was my instant connection and sense of relaxation with Sandra Geehreng Foster of SGF Acupuncture. She read three pulses of sorts on my wrist. In a moment’s time she accurately assessed a lung issue, body temperature imbalance, and emotional stressor. Then, in connection to her reading, she placed a needle on each palm, another on each wrist, and two each on my lower leg, to target my different points. Whether or not the needles worked, her intuition surely did.

SGF Acupuncture has been in its Amagansett location for 10 years. Foster, an East Hampton native, offers acupuncture, cupping, medical qi gong, full-spectrum infrared sauna, and Pangu Shengong qi gong (an incredibly strong and healing form of qi gong).

How did you get into qi gong and acupuncture?

I was first introduced to acupuncture after a bout with meningitis in my senior year of high school. I was left with headaches day and night. Western medicine did not help. A family friend suggested acupuncture to ease them. After a series of treatment, I was relieved of my headaches.

After this experience, I knew this was special stuff! I went into teaching for a couple of years, but the pull I was feeling to do acupuncture was getting stronger. While in acupuncture school, I met Paul Fraser, who taught me the medical qi gong and introduced to me the incredible world of energy work.

You noted that students are coming in to see you. Why?

I have been treating more high school students the last two to three years. The majority come in for anxiety, depression, sports injuries, insomnia, and stress. I feel so many students never unplug themselves from their phones. Many do not eat properly, or eat their meals on the go. The more the students consume their energy the less their body can heal itself.

The way acupuncture releases the stress form the body is amazing. I would love to see more kids try acupuncture. Hopefully one day I’ll have a place that would allow kids to receive acupuncture after school and sports.

What is your typical demographic?

I treat people from many different walks of life. Since I grew up in East Hampton, I feel more people are willing to try acupuncture because they know me or my family. In the summer, I also treat people who are from New York City.

How long is a typical session and how many needles are used?

The first session is about an hour and the following sessions are about 30 minutes. The number of needles used depends on the issue being treated.

For those afraid of needles, like myself, why is this different than getting blood taken?

The acupuncture needle is much smaller than the needle used for taking blood. The acupuncture needle is used to stimulate a point to help balance the body, resulting in better health, less pain, and increase in energy.

Any miracle stories to share?

I had an older woman who had been in serious back pain for 20 years. After one treatment, she was free of the back pain. Also, the protocol has helped stop the progression of macular degeneration. Truly, I feel so incredibly fortunate to do this work. To help strengthen someone’s body to help them heal is an amazing honor.

SGF Acupuncture is located at 532 Montauk Highway in Amagansett in the Harold McMahon Senior Medical Complex. Visit or call 631-267-9500.

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