Investigation Intensifies In Riverhead Scandal

Riverhead High School principal Charles Regan. Independent/Courtesy law offices of John Ray.

The public, particularly parents, are outraged no charges have been filed in a high-profile scandal at Riverhead High School that has rocked the community.

Dr. Charles Regan, the principal, is being sued by Anastasia Stapon, an 18-year old student, who is claiming in court papers he systematically groomed her to have an affair with him, and then forcibly tried to take it further.

But Riverhead School District officials and Riverhead Town Police are cautioning that the case is a complex matter that will require time and patience.

The pair exchanged hundreds of text messages to one another that were reviewed by The Independent. Many are obscene and contain graphic descriptions of sexual acts. At one point Regan offers to take over as the counselor for the accuser and vows, “If he f**ks with MY ANASTASIA (his caps) I’ll dead ass lose my job and kill him,” apparently referring to her current class counselor. There are numerous references to hooking up on school property and in his office.

Regan had already been suspended on April 30 when Miller Place attorney John Ray held a press conference on May 6 announcing his intention to file a $10-million claim against the school district and Regan, who remains on the school payroll. Stapon attended and spoke to those assembled. “Charles Regan and Riverhead school have destroyed my spirit,” she said.

There are no allegations that sexual activity took place other than an allegation Regan tried to forcibly kiss the student.

Regan has been principal at Riverhead since 2006. He is 48 and according to Ray is married to a schoolteacher. They have two children, Ray said. The Riverhead School Board had a meeting on Tuesday, May 14, but it is not known if the matter was discussed — it was scheduled for the purpose of discussing the school budget.

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