Off-Season Home Staging with Shannon Willey of Sea Green Designs

Shannon Willey of Sea Green Designs
Shannon Willey of Sea Green Designs

Between stocking her Jobs Lane shop and many design jobs, Sea Green Designs’ Shannon Willey is a very busy person. But she took a little time to offer her interior design advice.

As she says, “The East End’s deep off-season is one of the best times to work on your home’s interior design. Oftentimes, you can find well-priced floor samples at local retailers, but more than that, this is the time to start planning and placing orders for your furnishings in order to get them in time for the season. Waiting any longer can lead to stressful delays and rush decisions that may lead to purchases you’ll regret later. The off-season is one of the busiest times of year for design projects, which we’re very thankful for. It makes the winter go by faster.”

How do you design an East End home for sale in the cold weather (vs. summertime)?
In the cold weather we use accents with warm textures, such as throw pillows and blankets in lush mohair or woven wool. We also use deeper colors like navy and deep teal or charcoal grey. These add a coziness and warmth to a space colder temperatures require.

What design items are popular sellers in the off-season?
We do really well with throws/blankets at this time of year. Probably for the same reason we would use them in our interior design for winter weather—everyone wants an extra layer of warmth.

What’s the most common mistake homeowners make in staging their home?
Sometimes, I think too neutral is the biggest mistake. I feel a space needs to feel inviting, and plain beige and gray needs some kind of accent to give a home life. It’s also important to make the house feel cohesive from room to room.

What should owners be doing now to prep their rental properties for the season?
Without a doubt, I recommend clearing the clutter. Starting this process now makes the whole process less daunting, rather than waiting until the day before you start showing the house. This is something we all should be doing this time of year, even if we’re not planning to rent. We can all benefit from evaluating what we really need in our home and what’s just clutter.

You can see some of Willey’s offerings in person at Sea Green Designs, 68 Jobs Lane, Southampton. Call 631-259-3612 and visit for more information on Willey’s designs.

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