‘The Power Of Sprinkles’


Amirah Kassem, the founder of Flour Shop in Soho — home of the famous explosion cake, a cake filled with candy that pours out when you cut a slice — has launched the book “The Power of Sprinkles,” and is taking the show on the road. This weekend, the tour includes a stop at Williams-Sonoma in Bridgehampton. The event will begin with a rainbow explosion cake class at noon on Friday, July 5, followed by a book signing at 1 PM. Kassem, dubbed “the modern-day Willy Wonka,” talked to Indy all about sprinkles.

What inspired you to create Flour Shop?

I started baking for family and friends and realized how happy my creations made them, so I wanted to spread more joy, one sprinkle at a time.

Tell us a little about your book “The Power of Sprinkles.”

I wrote “The Power of Sprinkles” out of a need to help others recreate my sprinkles explosion cake. I was getting so many requests from people on social media asking how to execute the cake at home, so I decided to create a step-by-step flipbook-inspired explanation. I really believe that if you master one cake, you can add your own twist to switch it up for different holidays, celebrations, and more.

The best part? If you find your cake doesn’t turn out perfectly, it’s ok — just cover it in sprinkles and everyone will love it anyway. That’s the power of sprinkles.

What can guests expect at your book signing and rainbow explosion cake class at Williams-Sonoma Bridgehampton?

Lots of sprinkles and smiles! I love teaching all of my tips and tricks so everyone can go home feeling confident about using the cake kit to create their own rainbow explosion cakes.

Do you visit the East End often? If so, any favorite spots? 

Yes. I love it there! Mostly to hang out with family, but we often visit BuddhaBerry, Levain Bakery, Surf Lodge, SoulCycle BARN, and Topping Rose for their incredible French toast.

For tickets and more info, visit www.flourshop.com.

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